Amazing Broadway Facts you should never miss

Broadway Facts

Broadway also referred to as Broadway theatre or just Broadway, is the name given to the 41 professional theatres that line Broadway in Midtown Manhattan, NYC. The Lincoln Center is also part of the Broadway theatre district. Broadway is the potential to significantly impact the quality of theatrical performance in the English-speaking world together with Lincoln’s West End. There are 500 or more seats in each of these theatres. Some of its interesting facts are:

New York City’s Broadway is its longest street

With a length of 33 miles, 18 of which are beyond the city borders of New York, Broadway is regarded as the longest and busiest street in the city. The route continues all the way up the chain to the Bronx and then to Albany, located outside of New York, starting in lower Manhattan at a location called Bowling Green.

Broadway only has four theatres

Despite the fact that there are 41 theatres on Broadway, only four of them are literally on Broadway Street. This is due to the requirements that a theatre must meet in order to be considered a Broadway theatre: first, it must be situated between 40th and 54th Street and between 6th and 8th Avenue; second, it should possess at least 500 seats. As a result, any theatre which possesses a seating capacity of under 500 is regarded as off-Broadway.


A well-liked tourist destination in NYC is Broadway

Annual attendance for Broadway productions in New York exceeds 13 million people. According to estimates, 66% of the attendees are women and 63% are foreign visitors. It is frequently the primary reason people visit New York City. The Broadway League, a national trade organization for the Broadway theatre business, reports that 14, 768, 254 people saw performances during the 2018–2019 season, which ended in May 2019.

The majority of Broadway productions are musicals

The majority of Broadway performances are musicals because, according to historian Martin Shefter, Broadway musicals—including those by Hammerstein and Rodgers—became incredibly significant elements of American mainstream culture. They also made a significant contribution to New York City’s status as the global center of culture.

On Broadway, Shakespeare’s plays were regularly staged

Shakespeare’s plays were frequently presented on Broadway theater, most particularly by the American performer Edwin Booth, who gained worldwide recognition for his portrayal of Hamlet. At the Winter Garden Theatre, one of several Broadway theatres located at 1634 Broadway in Manhattan, he performed the part for a record-breaking 100 consecutive performances. During the year 1865. During this time, other well-known Shakespearian actors who performed on Broadway included Tommaso Salvini, Henry Irving, Charles Fechter, and Fanny Davenport.